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I've edited or proofread (and sometimes both!) dozens of titles since I began book editing in 2016. Read on for a list of those titles and my role in each one.

Nonfiction Editing

1 / Born Twice Die Once: Your Personal Guide to a New Life (Beau Wilfong)
2 / Run to Win: Get Started (Beau Wilfong)
3 / The Book That Will Make You a Saint (Brian Schnell)
4 / Keys for Your Healing (Shannon Culpepper)
5 / I Am Healed (Shannon Culpepper)
6 / Intensive Prophetic Training: Activation and Impartation (Shannon Culpepper)
7/ Kingdom Family (Abraham John)
8 / Kingdom Government (Abraham John)
9 / Ekklesia (Abraham John)
10 / Why Kingdom (Abraham John)
11 / Rediscovering the Lost Kingdom, 1st ed. (Abraham John)
12 / The House That Prayer Built (Ade Adebanjo)
Note: I also provided developmental editing for this title.
13 / Square 1: Bible Study for Christian Foundations (Demetris Prewitt)
14 / Talking with God, Part I: Prayer (Greg Viehman)
15 / Addiction & Discipleship: Redemptive Healing In Community (James H. Reid III)
16 / Scripture Comes to Life: Reflections on Biblical Wisdom in Everyday Experience (Ruth E. Stitt)
17 / Some Thoughts at Sunset: A Guide to Mentoring the Next Generation (Steve Harper)
18 / He Leads Me: Faith Over Fear (Roberta Springer-Proverbs)
19 / Five Principles (Christopher Clay)
20 / This Is Another Day: Reflections on Scripture, Faith, and Prayer for Action (Deborah Lee)
22 / Salty: The Deconstruction of a Good Christian (Hollylu Jostes)
23 / Taboo Truths: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About But Don't (Mike Novotny)

Fiction Editing 

1 / Bee-atrice Is Comforted in Grief (Laura Taylor)



1 / Loving for Real: An Honest Book for Youth (Pierre-Hervé Grosjean)
2 / Walking on Water (Anthony DeMello)
3 / Enchanting the World: The Vision of 20th Century Catholic Authors (James D. Whitehead and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead)
4 / Rape to Righteousness (Charlie Coker)
5 / Still Standing (John Edelmann)
6 / The Father's Heart (Gene Martin)
7 / Great Battles for Boys: The Korean Way (Joe Giorello)
8 / Great Battles for Boys: The Vietnam War (Joe Giorello)
9 / Great Battles for Boys: The American Revolution(Joe Giorello)
10 / We Walk This Line (Lauren Forbus)

Fiction Proofreading

1 / The Truth about Romantic Comedies (Sean McMurray) — Teen/Young Adult Christian Relationship Fiction

2 / A Sinking Star (Chrissy M. Dennis) — Teen/Young Adult Christian Drama
3 / Forgotten: The Screamers Series Book II (Connie Anne Michael) — Teen/Young Adult Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy
4 / Operation Tree Roper: An Eye Above (Robert Polk) — Teen/Young Adult Christian Drama
5 / A Maple Valley Christmas (Jerry Todt) — Adult Christian Holiday Romance
6 / The Christmas Angel in Apt. 3C (Holly Cohen) — Adult Christian Holiday Romance

7 / Her Traitor's Heart (Colleen Hall) — Adult Christian Historical Romance

8 / Through the Eyes of Amos (Linda Jo Reed) — Christian Living/Inspirational

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