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Don't just take my word for it—read for yourself what my satisfied clients say about what it's like to work with me, and know that you can entrust your manuscript to my care with confidence.

Demetris Prewitt

Phenomenal editing that is theologically sound, timely, and personal


"Gina is a Christ-centered professional who is an absolute pleasure to work with. I've used her on two projects for both copyediting and proofreading—she is responsive, addresses your questions, and edits within your goals and vision. She treats my work with the same level of care as I do.


She works fast, is technically astute with any software, and thorough enough to catch things other quality editors missed. 


I literally rewrote this review from using past tense to present tense since I plan to use her again! 


Thank you, Gina."

– Demetris Prewitt

Author, Square 1: Bible Study for Christian Foundations

CEO, Square 1: Christian Ministries

Command Sergeant Major, United States Army

Ade Adebanjo

"Thank you so much for coming alongside us to facilitate this project. Your professionalism is exemplary and well balanced with your sincerity and compassion. You are a real God-send and we are ever so thankful to God for orchestrating this connection."

– Rev. Dr. Ade Adebanjo

Author, The House That Prayer Built

Founder and President, AmbassAde International

Charles Waddell

"If gardening is a process of seedlings becoming full, beautiful and healthy blooms, editing, for Gina, is a process of text becoming clear, rich, and engaging reads."

– Charles Waddell

Author, Jesus Matters
Porongurup, Australia

Breanna S.

"Working with Ms. Gina has been a wonderful experience. Her edits elevated my text, while preserving my voice. I also felt like she also connected to the overall purpose and mission of my book and used her gifts to enhance that. Working with Ms. Gina was well worth the investment."

Greg Viehman

"Gina was outstanding in every way. She was very thorough and timely. She did an excellent job editing my manuscript and providing useful feedback and ideas to improve it further. Highly recommend!"
– Greg Viehman MD, ThM

Christopher C.

"Gina did an excellent job editing. Her help was invaluable in putting the finishing touches on this book. She made many helpful suggestions and helped clarify the writing in multiple places. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, quality, value, and punctuality."


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